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Vicom is a specialized wholesaler and importer focused on selling wines from all over the world. Vicom company operates on the Czech market since 1993. Our retail stores Cash & Carry are placed at strategic addresses in the city center: Thámova 9, Praha 8 (Karlin) and Jankovcova 6, Praha 7 (Port Holešovice-East).

We run a wholesale warehouse and distribution of wines, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, beer and complementary products for gastronomy. We represent and distribute wines from most of the important domestic winemakers. Our speciality is wine import from abroad (Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, France, Australia, Israel, etc.) We also bring brands such as Opus One, Almaviva, Seňa and the French Grand Cru from Bordeaux and Chablis.

In addition to serving as a warehouse Cash & Carry we also provide custom delivery in and around Prague till the next day, after the agreement even earlier. Range of products and services is focused on the needs of gastronomy, wine stores and wine clubs, but also restaurants and bars. We regularly offer interesting leaflet actions - 10% discount.

The significant expansion of imported wines occurred by sharing a range of cooperation on import and distribution wih KAPWEIN company. This company specializes in African and European wines, especially from Italy, France, Germany and Austria. The advantage of this combination is the price and the immediate availability of wines from all around the world. We have created so far the widest range of international and domestic wines that are in stock and immediately available.



Discounted rates apply for wholesale partners or other customers if the order is more than 7000, - CZK without VAT.

Delivery in Prague we can arrange for you free of charge if the value of your order reaches at least 3000, - CZK including VAT. Otherwise there is a packing and shipping charge 180, - CZK including VAT.

Shipping outside inner Prague is provided by an external carrier with following price list according to the number of cartons (carton contains 6 or 12 bottles):

1-2 cartons: 139,-CZK + VAT to 24 bottles
3-4 cartons: 185, - CZK + VAT to 48 bottles
5-6 cartons: 219, - CZK + VAT to 72 bottles
7-9 cartons: 357, - CZK + VAT to 96 bottles
10-12 cartons: 403, - CZK + VAT up to 120 bottles
over 12 cartons: according to the price list Top Trans


  • BANK TRANSFER - prepayment - proforma invoice will be sent by email. Goods will be delivered within 48 hours after receipt of the invoice amount to our account.
  • COD - cash on delivery (COD fee 40, - CZK + VAT).
  • PERSONAL COLLECTION - payment in cash or by credit card (only the central warehouse Jankovcova) at the personal collection at the store. When paying by credit card we charge a fee of 3% of the order price.

Sale of beer and soft drinks is possible only after complete packages.
All prices include VAT.
Prohibition of sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years!

Vicom s.r.o., IČ: 49616285


Přístav Holešovice východ, Jankovcova 6
Praha 7, přístup z ulice Bubenské nábřeží
Tel.: 224 816 232, GSM: +420 603 141 702, GSM: +420 731 448 308
E-mail: info@vicom-vino.cz

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